Wednesday, February 9, 2011
New York native Christian Camacho of Moldovan club Sfintul Gheorghe FC says he is hoping to make a breakout soon on the European soccer landscape and take his game to another level.

Camacho currently plays central midfielder for the club which is located in the town of Suruceni found on the outskirts of Chisinau, Modolva's capital.

The 22 year old is currently in his third season of playing abroad but got his start in Moldova back in 2005.

"I left in 2005 to play in Moldova with Olimpia Balti FC," Camacho recently recounted to YA. "I lasted two years and then came back to the States and played PDL. I got called back to Moldova in 2010 again to play with Olimpia half a year and then was transferred to my curren team."

Since joining Sfintul Gheorghe, Camacho has started every match for the squad and is a stalwart in the team's midfield. His highlight of the season was scoring two goals in a 0-3 win at Costuleni.

Unfortunately, Sfintul Gheorghe find themselves near the bottom of the league standings with just nine points and are in a relegation battle with last place Gagauziya who sits at eight points.

Despite that, the son of Colombian parents appears to enjoy playing in Moldova's top flight, the Divizia Nationala, and explains that it requires players to be both physically and cardiovascularly strong.

"The Moldovan league is a very physical, high-tempo game which obviously you have to be match fit to contend in," he explained. "It is really not an individual or technical league. The difference I bring as an abroad player is that I am very technical coming from my South American background and I'll take on individual battles on the field."

Most importantly for Camacho, he notes that the experience of living overseas has helped him grow as a player and as a person.

"Off the field, Moldova is a third-world country with not enough money (although) the economy is progressing," he said of his current home. "Coming from New York, you can imagine the difference because I see no skyscrapers here. It's a learning experience for me as a player and as a person. So far I have learned the language but sometimes I have a little difficulty when they speak but that's normal. Moldova has their own language but it is also a Russian-speaking country."

While Moldova is a rare launching pad for a young American player to shape his game, Camacho is of the belief that his time in the former member of the Soviet Union will eventually lead to bigger and brighter things in the near future.

"I believe that from here God will take me to better countruies where it is highly competitive like Spain, Italy, Germany or France and my dream is to play in Spain or Italy where most of the South Americans play," Camacho concluded. "I am also dreaming and believing that I'll get called up to the US Under-23 or US men's national team. Only God knows but I am keeping my hope alive."

Camacho and Sfintul Gheroghe return to action on February 16th when they square off against Academia UMT.