BRIAN SCIARETTA - Friday, July 1, 2011
As the 2011/2012 preseason begins in Germany and throughout Europe, Tyrone McCargo is looking forward to joining Nurnberg's U-19 where he hopes establish himself within the organization.

McCargo, 17, will arrive at Nurnberg after spending last season with Greuther Furth. He is excited for the move because it will bring him back to his home city and the club he grew up supporting.

"I am signed with them because, I am from Nurnberg, I love the city, I love the club," McCargo told YA from Germany. "I'll be with the U-19 team. I am 17 and I will turn 18 this year. I have to play one year with the U19 team then I'll switch over to the U23 team for two years. I am going to show what I can do over these three years. Then we'll see what they say after that."

McCargo has developed into a left winger that likes to aggressively push forward into the attack with his speed and crossing ability.

"I play on the left side," McCargo described of his game. "I like to go forward. I'm very quick so I like it when balls come from the center that are long and wide. I like to run them down and make passes to the center forward to create chances."

McCargo will begin training with FC Nurnberg next week when the U-19 team opens their preseason. As a player that was born in 1993, he will be one of the older players and he expects to be a leader on the team from the start.

"There are only five players on the team that were born in 1993 and the rest are born in 1994 or 1995. I expect to play every game from the beginning. I am hoping that I can do some training or practices with the first team."

Should McCargo become an impact player for Nurnberg's U19 team, it is very possible he could become a part of the US U-20 national team as they begin the 2013 cycle.

McCargo was born in Nurnberg and is the son of an American father servicing in the US military. His mother is German but has family from Italy and Greece. As a result, McCargo can play internationally for four countries.

Should he receive and invitation from the United States he would be interested but his native Germany is also important to him.

"I can play for four teams - Italy, Greece, Germany, or the United States," McCago stated. "I would like to play for Germany or the United States. I am interested."

McCargo has never been to the United States but he is planning on going to visit his father next year.

"My father is an American and he was in the military," McCargo concluded. "I was born in Germany when my father was living here. I have never lived in the United States but I would like to live there. I have lived here in Germany my whole life and I like the people but I like the United States too."