MICHAEL ADUBATO - Thursday, July 7, 2011
Playing in Sweden for the second time in his career, Floridian Nate Weiss is enjoying life at Tenhults IF in the country's Second Division.

"I came to Sweden with only two days left until the transfer window closed," Weiss told YA, "so I didn't really have much time to find a club, sign a contract, and get all the paperwork done."

The Stetson University alumni immediately played in a test game for Tenhults on the day he arrived in country, was offered a contract and signed for the team in that short period of time. He's been with them since the beginning of the year.

"I owe Tenhult a lot because they worked extremely hard to push my paperwork along and were extremely helpful with everything. I decided that I would play for the first half of the season there with the hope of moving on to a bigger club if I performed well enough."

Weiss has been keeping his head down and playing hard in a central midfield role while managing to bag the odd goal for the team. With the summer transfer window now open, some further opportunities are also presenting themselves.

"Some trials have been set up with clubs on various levels during the month of July. One of the clubs I'm going to train with is Vasby United. I think it's a great opportunity because Vasby is the farm club for AIK, which is arguably one of the most popular clubs in Sweden."

The winner of the Latvian Cup last year with FK Jelgava is looking for a team where he can settle and become a part of the organization long term.

"I've been grinding it out in Europe for a long time now and I feel that since being overseas and constantly out of my comfort zone, it has enabled me to make drastic strides in my game, which has raised my level [of play] a lot," he concludes, resolutely adding "I am looking forward to showing just that."