JOHN KRETLOW - Thursday, October 27, 2011
Mason Trafford and IFK Mariehamn went down to JJK while Etchu Tabe and RoPS went down to champion's HJK.

JJK 2-0 IFK Mariehamn

Mason Traford and IFK Mariehamn went down to JJK in midweek Veikkausliiga action.

Trafford started and went the distance while Josh Wicks stayed on the bench.

The majority of the game was a defensive battle, with no goals being scored until the 85th minute, when JJK's Mikko Hyyrynen knocked in the crucial goal.

Babatunde Wusu then stuck the dagger in Mariehamn's heart when he scored JJK's second goal of the game in the 90th minute, ensuring the victory.

Hendrik Helmke received the only yellow card of the game for Mariehamn.

JJK currently holds a Europa League spot going into the leagues final week.

Mariehamn takes on Honka in the league finally this weekend, while JJK plays Inter Turku.

RoPS 1-4 HJK

Etchu Tabe and RoPS went down strong against HJK in the midweek.

Tabe started and went the distance as he has for the majority of the season.

The game started out positively for RoPS as Jose Rivera notched home an early goal in the 6th minute.

Things went sour quickly though, as the Veikkausliiga champions went on to score four unanswered goals.

Akseli Pelvas knocked in the tying goal in the 32nd minute, while Cheyne Fowler gave them the lead in the 59th minute.

The final ten minutes saw two goals go in, as Sebastian Mannström and Pelvas scored in the 81st and 89th minute respectively.

Jarkko Lahdenmäki was the only booking of the game for RoPS.

RoPS plays VPS in the final game of the season while HJK finishes their season against Haka.


Guiseppe Funicello did not feature in VPS' loss to MYPA.