MICHAEL ADUBATO - Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Devann Yao put pen to paper last Thursday in a deal that will keep him at Boussu-Dour for a further two years.

The American then took to the field for the team's weekend game and was shown a straight red card midway through the first half. His team however found a short-handed game winner to see off Lommel United in a 1-0 victory.

"The first 20 minutes everything was going fine," the New Yorker told YA in Boussu. "We were getting into the game and I even had a couple of shots."

Things then went downhill for Yao when his team lost the ball in the attacking third. The midfielder chased down the Lommel defender and although attempted a tackle, he completely missed the player. The player however rolled around in pretend pain and referee Tom Ottevaere pulled out his red card.

"Each time we play a Flemish team and there's a Flemish referee," Yao stated, "any 50-50 decision always goes against us. Today again, I got penalized with the red card and its upsetting because we were on a good streak to win for the third [part] of the season and if I have to miss three games, I miss about 30% of the games that are left."

"It was looking like a good game but then stuff like this happens in soccer. I just have to stay patient and wait until I can play again."

Yao and Boussu-Dour will appeal the red card since there was no contact on the play. If an appeal is successful, the midfielder will only miss one game.

"I hope I can only miss one game because I need the team and I think the team needs me right now. We need to finish this season hard if we want to do something interesting."

Currently Boussu-Dour holds down the second spot in the final third of the season. Finishing first would see the Walloonians enter into the play-offs.

"That's our ambition," the 21-year-old said, "to make the play-offs."

Next up Boussu-Dour will host Visť, a game which Yao will definitely miss, however the American is hoping to be back the following weekend when they travel east to take on Eupen.