SCOTT PETERSON - Monday, April 30, 2012
Michael Bradley and Verona picked up a hard-fought point in Sardinia on Saturday in Serie A action.

Head coach Mimmo di Carlo saw his team control the match, with Bradley snuffing out any inkling of attack from midfield and Nicholas Frey and Francesco Acerbi dealing with any long balls lofted into the Chievo box.

Chievo had the game's first chance in the 10th minute, but Alberto Paloschi fired straight into keeper Micahel Agazzi's arms from 13 yards out.

Chievo produced a few additional half chances, mostly from distance, but failed to create anything dangerous enough to truly look a threat to score.

Cagliari did have a chance at a lucky punch late in the second half, but Viktor Ibraro could not get his shot on target from just a few yards out.

With the point, Chievo now has 44 points and sits in 12th place. Next week Bradley and Verona host AS Rome.