BRIAN SCIARETTA - Thursday, July 19, 2012
Reigning Danish Superliga champions FC Nordsjaelland began their season with a 4-0 win over Horsens but they did so without US international defender Michael Parkhurst.

Parkhurst, 28, is currently out with a broken toe and it is something that has been bothering him for most of 2012. In March of 2012, the Rhode Island suffered the injury at his home and it has plagued him ever since.

"It's not a new injury," Nordsjaelland physiotherapist and head of medical staff Hans Orting told YA. "He had an accident in his home end of March and broke a [pinky] toe. You can't really treat that, it takes a while to heal, but as long as you can withstand the pain, you can't really make it worse by being active. Mike rested for a couple of weeks, and then played the rest of the season - but with pain. Towards the end of our season, the pain became a little worse, but he was able to finish the season."

After Nordsjaelland won the title last season, Parkhurst joined the US national team for three friendlies and two World Cup qualifiers. Parkhurst played in the games and trained with the team but he was not at full health.

The fact that Parkhurst continued to play on the broken toe is likely why it is still bothering him at the start of the Danish season.

"We were in contact with the US Soccer, and they were informed about the injury," Orting added. "So they knew all about it before he went to the camp and qualifying games. He was able to train and play, but naturally he had some pain. X-rays have been taken on a regular basis, and it's obvious that when playing on a broken toe, it takes a lot longer time to heal than normally, and in addition to this you withhold the pain, since the body never gets a chance to recover."

Now moving forward, Parkhurst will rest and heal since he did not have the chance during the offseason. The expected time frame for him to return to the team is two weeks.

"So that is what Mike has been doing and does right now - he recovers," Orting concluded. "But he is back in training. We are doing a final x-ray next week, and expect him to be back in the match-squad within two weeks, unless something unpredictable shows up."