ANDREW VORCE - Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
Grella in preseason action vs Grimsby
Mike Grella has resurfaced as the 25 year old striker from Glen Clove, New York has once again decided that England is the place to be as he continues his voyage in the Football League of England.

The former United Soccer Leagues star resigned in England on July 9th, choosing League One club Scunthorpe United. After the American spoke to former Iron defender Alan Knill, now head coach, Grella said he is eager to get to work for his new employers.

"As soon as I met Alan I was comfortable with what he wanted to do and the set up seemed like a good platform," Grella told YA. "I decided to come here because I thought it was the right place for me to get my career back on track."

"I am really coming to play. I trust the manager and I think it could be a good platform for me. More importantly I hope I can get the club some results."

Grella played for Leeds United where he went on loan twice during his two-year stay. Grella made 10 appearances for Carlisle United while notching three goals in 2010, while making seven appearances for Swindon Town in 2011 scoring once. The front man notched five goals for Leeds United while making 31 appearances while not on loan.

"I've met a lot of different people and had a lot of different experiences, but I need somewhere where I am going to play games," Grella said about his journey. "In England there's so many players and the market is so huge it's just the matter of getting those opportunities consistently."

"Hopefully I've found that place now."

After his first initial training session with his new Iron teammates, Grella was impressed by the hunger on the field.

"It's a young group, it's a strong group of fit guys who have a lot to prove," he said. "I think they can push for something special."

"The manager really appreciates a good brand of football, so I hope that's how we'll play. Keep the ball on the ground, intelligent football."

With players coming back from playing abroad after not getting the consistent minutes they might have been looking for and finding a home in Major League Soccer, Grella said he had looked at the options.

"I entertained going back to MLS but some of the contracts that they are offering the players who are coming back, or thinking of coming back from Europe are not good, to say it in a nice way."

"It's a little bit discouraging for me because I'd love to go back to play in the States but because the numbers are so low and the opportunities are not guaranteed it's too risky for me and my family to take from a financial standpoint, from an opportunity standpoint, and a career standpoint."

The decision to stay in England was finally made once Scunthorpe put a firm offer on the table and Grella met with coach Knill.

"I had opportunities to go on trial all over Europe, but I have a little bit of a name in England and had actual offers on the table already."

Grella will hope to be in the starting line up for his new club on August 18th when Scunthorpe travel to Crawley Town for the opening day of the 2012/13 season. The striker will then get the chance to impress the home faithful of Glanford Park as Scunthorpe welcome Crewe Alexandra just three days later.