BRIAN SCIARETTA - Monday, August 6, 2012
After beginning the season with Cobresol, American midfielder Diego Chavarri has left the struggling club and has signed with Sport Huancayo also of the Peruvian Primera.

Chavarri, 23, scored two goals this season for Cobresol but the club's financials were in poor order and players were struggling to get paid. Chavarri made the decision last week to leave Cobresol and he will now move to Sport Huancayo who currently sits in seventh place in the Peruvian Primera.

"I signed with Sport Huancayo until the end of this season," Chavarri told YA on Monday.

Sport Huancayo is the third club the New York native has played for. He began his career with Sporting Cristal but left them at the end of the last season due to recurring injuries.

"I'm excited to play there," Chavarri added. "I can play in two weeks [along with] the team's [other] new players. If everything goes fine, the team can fight for a place in an international championship."