ANDREW VORCE - Sunday, December 2, 2012
Alex Smith put in a solid performance in Wellington Phoenix's dominating performance against Western Sydney Wanderers.

The Phoenix make it three unbeaten in a row, arresting their slide of three straight losses and to steady the New Zealanders. Jeremy Brockie once again was the main man, notching the lone goal half way through the first half after catching a bit of luck.

The striker was out on the wing when he sent in a hopeful cross into the box but the high wind adjusted the flight path of the ball. Ante Covic came off of his line to catch the cross, only for the wind to blow the ball past the keeper and into his net.

Smith had two great opportunities that Covic was equal to. Just before the half hour mark the 27-year old curled a free kick viciously at the Wanderers goalkeeper, however Covic time measured the flight perfectly and kept the American at bay.

The former SMU Mustang's second chance was in the form of a near assist as Brockie got on the end of a great cross into the box, but Covic wasn't to be beaten.

Smith went 76 minutes for the hosts.

Sydney FC is next up for Wellington who again play at Westpac Stadium on December 9th.